Theatre Ministry

Who we are— a collective of Theatre Artists who bring forth our gifts and talents to inspire our audiences. Whether a seasoned professional or stepping out for the first time, all are welcome.

What we do—is ever evolving. The vision is to support other ministries, serve our community through performance and workshop, reach out to the underserved communities in Los Angeles, and bring forth transformative original productions.

Why we are—

Agape Theatre Ministry Purpose Statement

Our purpose, is to bring forth creative programs and services which elevate and inspire the world wide community towards its individual and collective spiritual evolvement. We are here to transform, to heal, and provide a platform for our highest artistic expression. We are on the emerging edge of theatrical production, and we strive to stimulate new ideas, forms, and experiences as expressed from the one true source of creativity—God.

What have we done?  


Revelation Conference 2012-13 Child of the Sun 2012

The Exonerated 2012

King of the Desert 2013

Season for Non-Violence 2014

How to join?

Contact Quonta Beasely at [email protected] 

We appreciate your support, please click the "donate" button you will be able to set the amount you'd like to donate.

The Agape Choir Ensemble, directed by Marianne Lewis, performed recently at the Saban Theater for the Kindred Spirits Organization benefiting “Save a Child’s Heart” Foundation. The Agape Choir Ensemble gathered today during services to share one of their favorite musical selections from that evening with us, “I Was Here”.

“I Was Here” was originally written by Hillary Scott, Gary Burr, and Victoria Shaw; and was recorded by Lady Antebellum in 2008.

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